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This is a campaign demanding 4 lakhs compensation for every individual and their surviving families who lost their lives due to Covid19 pandemic. Under National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), set up under the National Disaster Management Act, 2005, makes provision for surviving family of the deceased due to disaster for compensation. The Government of India, on 14 th of March, 2020 notified an order (33-4/2020-NDM-1) issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, and made a commitment to disburse ex gratia payment of Rs. 4 lakhs per deceased. But later revised this notification and reduced the ex-gratia payment to Rs. 50,000. We feel at such times of distress it is imperative that Government takes all steps to fulfill its commitment towards its citizen and pay 4 lakhs compensation.

Congress Party will fight for you to get 4 lakhs compensation, because we feel it is the duty and responsibility of the Government to look after its citizens, especially in the times of need. 4 lakhs as compensation is only bare minimum that the Government could do to help every citizen in distress to get some assistance to continue to live life with dignity. Congress Party pledges to stand by every citizen of this country who have lost their loved ones to Covid and fight for you to get the compensation and respect you deserve from the Government.


1. To demand for revision of official Covid19 Death Register with immediate effect to ensure inclusion of all those

who died due to Covid.

2. To demand for 4 lakhs compensation to the surviving families of those who died due to Covid.